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Passive Investment Opportunities That Make An Impact

Since 2004, DeRosa Group has been more than just a real estate syndication firm; we are a mission-backed company passionate about “Transforming Lives Through Real Estate.”


We make a significant impact by creating opportunities for passive income for our investors while revitalizing communities through providing safe, affordable housing.


Managing $150M in assets across approximately 2,000 units and having distributed over $30M in passive income, our track record is a testament to our commitment, knowledge, and ability.


When you choose DeRosa Group, you’re partnering with a company that truly values and prioritizes its investors and the communities we serve.

Image by Sangga Rima Roman Selia

At the DeRosa Group, we have unwavering confidence in the multifamily asset class and will always offer multifamily investment opportunities that deliver long-term appreciation, consistent cash flow, and valuable tax benefits for our investors.

That being said, to ensure our investors always have a valuable investment option available, we have created the DeRosa Income Fund.

The DeRosa Income Fund perfectly complements your passive multifamily investments, offering compounding returns, and enhanced liquidity.

This opportunity is a 506(c) offering FOR Accredited Investors only.


Total Fund Size


Distribution Returns with Ability to Compound


Average Annualized Return

COMING SOON: DeRosa Capital 19
See Our Investment Portfolio

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As DeRosa Capital 18, (our new construction build in Redwing, MN) comes to a close, investors can get excited about our next investment opportunity, DC19, which is also in Redwing, MN. Stay tuned for all the details.


In the meantime, take a look at DeRosa Group's investment portfolio and get an idea of what types of deals we syndicate and what the returns look like.

Investing Success Tools & Resources

How To Quit Your 9-5 Job

If investing full-time and finding financial freedom through regular passive income is your primary goal, then we've got you covered.

With our FREE on-demand webinar you will gain key insights on exactly what steps to take so you can quit your 9-5 job and start investing (and relying on your investment income) full time. 

Top 21 Questions to Ask a Syndicator

By equipping yourself with the right questions, you'll gain the insights necessary to identify qualified syndicators who share your investment goals and prioritize your success.

Download our FREE guide, "Top 21 Questions to Ask a Syndicator," empowers you, the passive investor, to navigate this landscape with confidence.

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