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Finding a Real Estate Mentor & Exactly What To Look For

Embarking on a career in real estate investment can sometimes feel like setting out to navigate uncharted waters. As in any journey, knowing exactly where to look can be invaluable. This is where finding a real estate mentor comes into play.

A real estate mentor can provide guidance based on their own experiences, offering insights that could take years to learn alone. Finding a real estate mentor that is highly skilled could well be one of the most impactful steps you’ll take on your real estate investment journey.

This comprehensive guide will further explore how to find a real estate mentor that is knowledgeable and trustworthy, exactly what you should look for, and how to build a mutually beneficial mentoring relationship.

Finding a Real Estate Mentor & Exactly What To Look For

Understanding the Role of a Real Estate Mentor

A real estate mentor is someone who has gained experience and success in the industry and is willing to share their knowledge with newcomers. They serve as an advisor, a teacher, and at times, a confidante. An effective mentor doesn’t just provide answers but helps you refine your problem-solving skills to tackle challenges independently.


Identifying Your Need for a Mentor

When finding a real estate mentor, ask yourself:

  • What specific goals do I aim to achieve in real estate?

  • What gaps in knowledge do I have?

  • In what areas do I need the most guidance?

Having clear answers will help you properly suss out finding a real estate mentor who can truly complement your ambitions and needs.


Where to Look for Real Estate Mentors

  • Networking Events and Seminars

Real estate investment associations regularly hold networking events, seminars, and workshops. These can be fertile grounds for finding a real estate mentor. Engaging in genuine conversations at these events can lead to mentoring relationships organically.

  • Professional Social Networking Sites

Platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook groups like DeRosa Insiders are excellent for connecting with industry professionals. A well-crafted message specifying your interest in finding a real estate mentor can grab the attention of potential mentors.

  • Finding the Right Real Estate Mentor

Finding a real estate mentor isn’t just about finding the most successful investor. The mentor-mentee relationship should be based on compatibility, respect, and shared values.

Understanding your strengths can help your mentor steer your growth in the areas you may not be as strong in, or potentially introduce you to other investors to partner with. 

DeRosa Group has a free superpower assessment you can take that will narrow down exactly where you’re the strongest. 


Consider these factors when finding a real estate mentor:

  • Experience and Expertise: Does the mentor have experience in the areas where you’re looking to grow?

  • Reputation: Is the mentor respected and recommended within the industry?

  • Investment Philosophy: Do their investment ethics and philosophy align with yours?

  • Availability: Can they invest the time required to guide you?


Building the Relationship

Once you’ve narrowed down finding a real estate mentor, here’s how to foster a successful mentoring relationship:

  • Respect their time and come prepared with specific questions or topics to discuss.

  • Be proactive in your learning and show initiative in applying the guidance provided by your mentor.

  • Provide updates – sharing your progress can be gratifying for your mentor and encourage them to continue investing their time.

  • Understand that mentorship is not a shortcut to success. It’s a learning tool to help you build your success more strategically.


Finding a real estate mentor for your investment career can significantly influence your path and create greater success. These relationships should be nurtured with the utmost professionalism and empathy.

Respect, gratitude, and commitment are key to maintaining such relationships over the long term. Remember that while a mentor’s guidance can be invaluable, your path to success in real estate investing ultimately depends on your actions and decisions.

Keep learning, stay humble, and build your network—one day, you might be the mentor guiding newcomers through the depths of real estate investment.

If you are embarking on your real estate investment journey and looking for expert guidance, consider getting involved in DeRosa Group’s community.

Check out our free resources like the superpower assessment, and look into growing your real estate business in ways you couldn’t do on your own by joining into our 90 Day Accelerator Program – and guess what, when it comes to finding a real estate mentor, our program comes with FIVE real estate mentors available to you daily. You’re welcome. 

Cheers, to your wealth!

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